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Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

moCa Staff

Megan Lykins Reich, Kohl Executive Director 


Lauren Leving, Curator

Ray JuaireExhibitions Director

Jamie Sepich, Registrar

Courtenay Finn, Curator-at-large


Xinxin Guo, Development Director

Amy Cronauer, Grants Stewardship Director

Monica Butscha, Development Manager



Kory Dakin, Media + Programs Production Manager

Bobbi Reagins, Assistant Educator

Natalie Grave, Engagement Manager

Mirna Abou Khzam, Thoma Engagement Guide

Ewuresi Archer, Thoma Engagement Guide

Kieran Delaney, Thoma Engagement Guide

Deborah Elliott, Thoma Engagement Guide

Emily Goldman, Thoma Engagement Guide

Valerie Goodman, Thoma Engagement Guide

Marisa Herman, Thoma Engagement Guide

Jillian Ingram, Thoma Engagement Guide

Alex Ladewig, Thoma Engagement Guide

Anna-Sung ParkThoma Engagement Guide

Merry Petroski, Thoma Engagement Guide

Crystal Pryor, Thoma Engagement Guide

Cierra Santay, Thoma Engagement Guide

Alex Scalzo-Brown, Thoma Engagement Guide

Audrey Silvestro, Thoma Engagement Guide

Brandon Smith, Thoma Engagement Guide



Grace Garver, Director of Finance

Patricia Beard-Moss, Accounting & Administration Manager



Ryan Serafin, Director of Operations 

Daniel McKinnon, Security Coordinator

Arlester Tate-El, Security Coordinator

Human Resources

Tonya D. McKissack, Director of Human Resources, Work Culture & Diversity


Tom Poole, Creative Director

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