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Aawful Aaron

by Aaron D. Williams

Jul 16-Aug 15, 2021

Aaron D. Williams, A Reinvented Self I, 2021, Alcohol marker and colored pencil on Bristol paper, 17” X 14”

Presented in partnership w/ Museum of Creative Human Art and moCa Cleveland

Aawful Aaron uses sports as an entry point to assist audiences in more deeply understanding anxiety and mental health struggles. This exhibition destigmatized open conversations about mental health, especially as they relate to black males. Using mainstream sports including basketball and football, and those often overlooked like chess and sword fencing, Aawful Aaron conveys a “game against anxiety” through different lenses with the intention of bringing together a multiplicity of sports fans to appreciate the nuanced ways in which we experience mental health.

Presented in partnership w/

About the Artist

Aaron D. Williams

Aaron D. Williams

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