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Inclusion &



Equity, Inclusion

& Accessibility

People in moCa Cleveland gallery.

moCa's commitment:

moCa always strives to be an affirming, learning, just organization where people of all backgrounds can collaborate in creating, interpreting, and advancing art now. Led by our institutional values, moCa reflects and uplifts diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) in all programming, policies, and practices. We support equal opportunity under the law. We nurture an open, adaptive atmosphere that empowers those who may have been historically marginalized. As a cornerstone of the cultural community, moCa is a welcoming space of exchange, where people participate and feel heard, respected, and valued.


These core commitments underpin moCa's work:

At moCa, we believe that this work:

◼ is essential. 

◼ is a moral, ethical, and human imperative.

◼ is responsive to the needs and desires of artists working today.

◼ is critical for an organization committed to both learning and contemporary culture.

◼ must address power, process, practice, and people across all facets of the organization and our community. 

◼ affirms and uplifts those who have been historically marginalized or excluded.

◼ forms the basis for trusting relationships through accountability and transparency. 

◼ increases relevancy and value for our community.

◼ reflects the adaptive, forward-thinking mission of the organization.

◼ is the basis for exchange, collaboration, customization, and growth.

◼ is a continuum and not a destination. 

moCa building from many angles. Free Cleveland.
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