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Design Learning Challenge Workshops

Feb-May 2024

moCa Cleveland is partnering with designExplorr and Dr. Jacinda Walker to demonstrate the power of design to a new generation. 

Explore how a professional designer approaches problems, designs solutions, and find out what a career in design might look like. It’s time to unlock your creative potential—the world needs your ideas!

In these workshops developed by designExplorr, Dr. Jacinda Walker—facilitator, and founder of designExplorr—will help you design and create something from your own imagination. Join us across select Saturdays from Feb-May 2024.

Family Fun on moCa Saturdays supported by PNC

Family Fun on moCa Saturdays supported by PNC

About designExplorr

DesignExplorr is a social impact organization aiming to address the diversity gap within the design profession by expanding design education and raising awareness among community partners. DesignExplorr accomplishes this mission through collaborating on educational youth programs, coordinating diversity-building initiatives, and connecting stakeholders to resources.

Find out more at and Instagram.

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