Thoma Engagement Guide Apprentice


Status: Part-time, non-exempt
Pay rate: $12/hour, year one; opportunity for $1 increase each year
Deadline to apply: ongoing
Start date: new cohorts in fall, winter, or summer

As the region’s only contemporary art museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (moCa) leads the way in shaping and advancing contemporary culture. We are global and local, both cosmopolitan and Cleveland at our core. We are grounded in our community, and our visitors are cultural adventurers who we engage with us to explore ideas and nurture our humanity. Our work culture is passion-driven, inclusive, transparent, collaborative, and fun, and we value and support an enterprising staff that anticipates and reacts nimbly to change while embracing new opportunities and challenges. Success of the individual directly impacts success of the institution, so moCa holds every employee to a high standard of excellence with the expectation that everyone understands and participates in our institutional goals.

moCa Cleveland’s Engagement Guides are a diverse community of museum educator apprentices who guide visitors, all of whom we call learners, in their on-site experience. Engagement Guides move throughout the museum each day, welcoming and orienting learners, supporting and customizing their experience, nurturing dialogue, caring for the art and architecture, and contributing innovative ideas to enhancing future onsite experiences. Engagement Guides are naturally curious and enthusiastic about museums, contemporary issues, artists, and culture. They are active listeners who demonstrate patience, generosity, and consideration with all museum visitors, ensuring a coordinated, consistent, and memorable experience for all. As Apprentices, the Engagement Guide group will take trips to area cultural organizations and happenings, network with cultural practitioners, and receive ongoing mentoring from moCa Leadership. This position is best suited to someone interested in starting a career in the cultural sector, and experience or interest in educating.

▪ Initiate and lead interaction with diverse museum learners using question-based strategies. Co-create and execute interactive interpretive strategies and programming that increases satisfaction for all onsite audiences.
▪ Participate in all learning workshops
▪ Enforce security and safeguarding policies that ensure the safety of learners, artworks, and spaces.

▪ Proven dedicated interest in education, museums, contemporary art, and/or culture
▪ Motivated, reliable, responsible, and professionally-oriented
▪ Upholds obligations and follows established procedures
▪ Fluency in English with awareness and confidence in both verbal and non-verbal communication
▪ Minimum of 1 year direct experience with adult learners
▪ Computer competency and efficiency with Microsoft Office, Google Apps, and POS/ticketing software (moCa will provide training on our POS software).

▪ Flexible schedule with regular weekend hours and some evenings required.

▪ Communicate clearly with museum staff and visitors/learners.
▪ Lift and move up to 15 lbs.
▪ Positioned for extended periods of time on concrete floors
▪ Positioned for extended periods of time at a counter-height desk
▪ Operate a computer for extended periods of time using a mouse or touch pad
▪ Move quickly between various facility areas

 Our office is an open workspace with sitting/standing desks, a semi-private reservable office, and informal and formal meeting spaces.

If you see yourself in this position, we want to hear from you! Email the following to using the subject line “Thoma Engagement Guide Apprentice”.
 Resume and one-page cover letter/cover email that shows how your experience and ambitions match this position and our organization.