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Derf Backderf's, "Punk Rock and Trailer Parks" Soundtrack

In the introduction to Punk Rock and Trailer Parks by Derf Backderf, he suggests you listen to music while you read his graphic novel.

Buy the book (and read a preview) HERE while you listen/watch this YouTube playlist a fan created based on his list:

Between the gross and the decorative

Around many artists, any nearby materials are forever in peril of becoming part of a new artwork. Many bizarre substances can be sighted in contemporary works. A vast array of trash items, technological detritus, children’s toys, bubblegum, and even foodstuffs like bread have all found themselves yanked from their usual purposes and put to use as material for creation.

Dylan Spaysky video interview on how he selects his objects

Dylan Spaysky is inspired by the pop-culture aesthetic of Disney, knickknacks found in suburban homes, children’s crafts, and thrift store dollar-bags. His works are made with cheap materials and found objects, exploring notions of beauty, value, and preciousness. They have a sense of impulsiveness: to salvage, tinker, repurpose, and decorate.

MEET THE ARTIST: Dylan Spaysky

Name: Dylan Spaysky
Born: Pontiac, MI
Lives and works: Hamtramck, MI
What is your favorite material to work with? Why?
Hot glue, because I love getting painful blisters on my fingers
What is your favorite tool in the studio? 
I use my leatherman wave a lot
Favorite place in the region?

An Interview with Jimmy Kuehnle

Megan Lykins Reich: How did you approach designing the sculpture’s form? Are there any references that inspired its shapes and protrusions? How did the architecture influence your design choices? 

Kuehnle's Walking Fish

After his artist talk at the Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern last week, Jimmy Kuehnle activated one of his inflatable suits, Walking Fish (2009). He blew the suit up at the east end of Uptown Ave, and charted his way across Toby’s Plaza to join the crowds gathered for The Beat.