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Stina Aleah

"Helping" Hands

Aug 27-Sep 26, 2021

Stina Aleah, I Cannot Hear Myself, 2021, Oil on canvas, 48 x 30 in.

Presented in partnership w/ Museum of Creative Human Art and moCa Cleveland

Helpful? Unfortunately, those who lend a 'helping hand' aren't always who they appear to be. Stina Aleah's "Helping" Hands reminds audiences not to allow anyone to suppress their voice, authenticity, or light. In her own words, "I hope that this collection of work can inspire those to look beyond what is perceived as 'Helping Hands,' stay true to one's authentic self, and always to stand true in who you are."

After suffering a sports-related injury, Stina Aleah turned to art. She discovered that creativity aided her physical and mental healing. Stina Aleah's passion for art and storytelling is an essential part of her identity and career as a self-taught painter. Her life experiences inspire breathtaking oil paintings. Aleah has collaborated with major corporations, Emmy nominated television series, celebrities, galleries, and exhibitions to date. Her work continues to be collected both nationally and internationally.

Presented in partnership w/

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Stina Aleah

Stina Aleah

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