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Ryan Harris

Sincerely, Us

Jan 29-Mar 6, 2022

Ryan Harris, Du Rags II, 2021. Lustre print, 16 x 20 in framed (40.64 x 50.8 cm). Courtesy the artist

Presented in partnership w/ Museum of Creative Human Art and moCa Cleveland

The Museum of Creative Human Art presents photographer Ryan Harris’s third solo exhibition, Sincerely, Us. Bringing together new and older works, this exhibition captures various nuances of the black experience. Harris uses imagery to share his story with audiences, from the beginning of his photographic journey through the present.

Presented in partnership w/

About the Artist

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris

Ryan Harris is a self-taught photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. His love for photography began in 11th grade when he took his first and only course on the basics of photography and 35mm film. Like many millennial males, he had childhood aspirations of becoming a rapper so naturally his love for photography took a back seat to music. In 2015 after deciding to retire his musical aspirations, he shifted his focus back to photography. Since then, he has started his own photography business and has been published in numerous publications including Cleveland’s Scene Magazine, The Akron Beacon Journal, and PEOPLE Magazine

When not doing freelance photography under his business imprint, Ryan captures what feeds his spirit creatively. His passion for documenting the rawness in urban decay and beauty within the black experience is unwavering.

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