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Teen Engagement
Ambassadors at moCa

Teen Residency

The T.E.A.M. co-hort coming together to create.

The Teen Engagement Ambassadors at moCa (TEAM) program brings Cleveland-area teens together to learn how museums work and gives each teen agency to create new art programming for their peers.

During this 8 month program, four selected participants will meet from 4-6PM every other Thursday. While getting to know each other, TEAM members will develop their own artistic practices and dive into art interpretation. They’ll build relationships with museum staff and connect with people in the Cleveland arts community at large.

Creating, sharing ideas, and investigating contemporary art will be part of each meeting and activity. A museum educator will serve as a guide and mentor throughout the program.

What you'll do:

◼ Join a team of art-loving teens

◼ $500 honorarium

◼ A $230 program budget to support the development and production of art experiences for other area teens.
◼ Mentorship from museum staff.
◼ Skill building workshops.
◼ Exposure to art and artists.
◼ Inclusion on a team of other creative teens.

◼ Art Making
◼ Certificate of completing program manager requirements

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