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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Thu. Feb 09, 6PM

Screening: The Same Difference / Q&A w/ Nneka Onuorah

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ONsite at moCa

Join us for a screening of the documentary, The Same Difference, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, Nneka Onuorah.

Nneka Onuorah is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, television producer, and activist of Nigerian-American descent. She is known for her film, The Same Difference, a documentary about internalized homophobia within the black lesbian community. The film was nominated for a GLAAD award in the category of Best Documentary. Her credits include field producer on the Netflix original docu-series First and Last, about inmates' intake and release from the prison system and My House, a documentary-series about the Black queer vogue scene for Viceland. Most recently she worked along side Director Dee Rees and Oscar winning producer Cassian Elwes on an upcoming feature film, The Last Thing He Wanted. Nneka has a continued commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless through her work on the "Black Girls Rock" awards and her “We are All Women Campaign,” a global visibility campaign dedicated to improving equitable healthcare and housing for lesbian women.

This documentary, which influenced the work in Nina Chanel Abney’s series, Big Butch Synergy, explores internalized heteronormativity within African American lesbian and bisexual communities. Onuorah takes an in-depth look at the hypocrisy and performative expectations of gender roles in these communities, showing how these behaviors align with homophobia and masculine privilege in the straight world.

The Same Difference influenced the work in Nina Chanel Abney's series, Big Butch Synergy, using collage and painting to show how expectations of gender roles manifest on college campuses.

About the filmmaker

Nneka Onuorah

The Same Difference film poster
Image of Nneka Onuorah

Sam Falls

Photo: Erin Falls

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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

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