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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Sun. Feb 05, 11AM-12:30PM

Meditation w/ LaToya Kent

Registration required

ONsite at moCa

Join meditation and yoga practitioner, LaToya Kent, for two different guided meditative practices.

LaToya Kent is a full time artist, musician, doula and healer with 25 years. Her career started in her teen years in Cleveland, Ohio.

Kent completed three yoga programs and is one of the first certified yoga teachers of color in Cleveland. She is an advocate for natural birth and has attended close to 100 natural births. She works with women of all ages and backgrounds, instilling wholeness of body, mind and spirit.

Kent has performed her music all over the United States and internationally as a solo artist and with her current collective, Mourning {A} BLKstar. Her collective had the opportunity to perform at the Kennedy Center, Democracy Now, and graced the cover of WIRE magazine.

In collaboration with Christa Ebert, who performs as Uno Lady, on a project titled GROUNDED, she lent her voice to a guided meditation track on her audio visual album.

Kent runs Cleveland Tapes, an underground art and music platform, with her longtime collaborator. She is a board member for the Panza Foundation which sponsors and supports musician and music institutions in Ohio.

Kent will begin by facilitating a seated meditation, creating a space for relaxation and contemplation. This meditation will then transition into yoga nidra, often referred to as the conscious sleep, a restorative practice experienced lying down.

This program is in conjunction with Someone, Somewhere, Something, which was developed by Amber N. Ford during her time as moCa's Artist-in-Residence. While in residence, Ford gathered audience responses about their experiences of loss and trauma. The resulting sound and text-based work encourages more intentional mind-body connections, aligning with Kent's practice.

Stools will be provided for this program. Participants are invited to bring a yoga mat, towel, blanket, or pillow to use during yoga nidra.

If you are in need of a mat or comfort item to participate in yoga nidra, have questions about the program, or if there are access services or accommodations that can make your experience more inclusive, please contact 1-2 week’s advance notice is recommended but not required.

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LaToya Kent

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Sam Falls

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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

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