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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Sun. Apr 02, 11AM-12PM

Meditation w/ Gwendolyn Ren

Registration required

ONsite at moCa

Connect more deeply with yourself through a morning meditation led by contemplation guide, Gwendolyn Ren.

Gwendolyn Ren is a facilitator of emergent space. Braiding meditation and movement, deep rest and deep listening, contemplation and playful curiosity, she designs spaces and gatherings that are fertile for personal growth and community based healing. Primarily a human coming heart to heart with other humans she brings an amalgamation of intuition, study, and experience to her work, skillfully crafting practices to support greater connection. Steeped in presence, these offerings bespeak the Japanese philosophy of ichi go ichi e: that each moment, each encounter, be highly treasured and markedly its own.

Based in Cleveland, OH, she shares her work through the container of "Almost" Silent Retreats, circle, healing sessions, and by invitation and collaboration. In serving the creative spirit, she has been a guest instructor/practitioner at ATNSC, Cleveland Museum of Art, and Penland School of Craft among other spaces.

Ren creates slow, restful spaces for quiet reflection that support our humanity and our healing. This meditation, which focuses on breath, sensory awareness, and somatic inquiry, is in line with the aims of artist Amber N. Ford's project, Someone, Somewhere, Something.

Someone, Somewhere, Something was developed during Ford's time as moCa's Artist-in-Residence. While in residence, she gathered audience responses about their experiences of loss and trauma. The resulting sound and text-based work encourages more intentional mind-body connections, as does the practice of meditating.

Stools will be available for use. Participants are also welcome to bring their own cushions to this session.

If you have questions or if there are access services or accommodations that can make your experience more inclusive, please contact 1-2 week’s advance notice is recommended but not required.

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Gwendolyn Ren

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Sam Falls

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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

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