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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Sat. Feb 25, 1-3PM

Designing Safe Spaces w/ Jeff Kasper

Registration required

ONsite at moCa

Imagine you have your very own cozy corner. Perhaps this is somewhere to cuddle, read, and rest. Maybe this is where you go when thoughts and feelings get overwhelming. This could be a place just for you, or somewhere for others to gather, too.

Jeff Kasper is an artist, writer, and educator who uses the tools and techniques of graphic design and contemplative practices to create public art and participatory learning projects. Based on his own lived experiences and observations, much of his recent projects explore topics of social support, mental and emotional health, safety, and boundaries. He is very interested in how art and design can help people practice self-determination and collective care in times of conflict and crisis.


In this workshop, we will get hands-on with visual and tactile materials gathered and created by the artist. Together we will dream up all sorts of supportive spaces where we can be our true selves.

For nearly a decade, Jeff Kasper has been facilitating open design sessions for community building, self-care, and social support. During Designing Safe Spaces, Jeff will offer some mindful and collaborative prompts to jump start the creative process. The rest is up to you! What will you design? A collection of mapping, drawing, and collage materials will be available for your design adventures. Drop in for a calm, relaxing, and slow-paced making environment. Feel free to bring someone you care for or someone who cares for you.

Digital prompts and materials will also be provided for folks who want to join in at home or design at their own pace.

If you have questions or if there are  access services or accommodations that can make your experience more inclusive, please contact 1-2 week’s advance notice is recommended but not required.

About the artist

Jeff Kasper

Image of Designing Safe Spaces
Image of Jeff Kasper

Sam Falls

Photo: Erin Falls

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◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Additional support provided by the Robert Reakirt Foundation and the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental

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