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Saturday, Dec. 17, 2022 


Make Your Own Tissue Box Cover with Shannon Finnegan

Onsite: moCa Cleveland

Free admission

We reach for the tissue box in moments of care, comfort, sickness, and health. Show some appreciation for this soft sidekick by creating a home of its own with Getting to Know resident Shannon Finnegan.

Finnegan began using vintage kits to create needlepoint tissue box covers in 2020 as an extension of their practice, which centers earnestness, generosity, and accessibility. On Saturday, December 17 from 1–2PM, join them in making your own tissue box cover. Cardboard tissue box covers and a vibrant array of materials will be at your disposal!

If you have questions or if there are access services or accommodations that can make your experience more inclusive, please contact 1-2 week’s advance notice is recommended but not required.

This program is supported in part by the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

About the artist:

Shannon Finnegan is a project-based artist. They experiment with forms of access that intervene in ableist structures with humor, earnestness, rage, and delight. Some of their recent work includes Anti-Stairs Club Lounge, an ongoing project that gathers people together who share an aversion to stairs; Alt-Text as Poetry, a collaboration with Bojana Coklyat that explores the expressive potential of image description; and Do You Want Us Here or Not, a series of benches and cushions designed for exhibition spaces. They have done projects with Banff Centre, Queens Museum, the High Line, MMK Frankfurt, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and Nook Gallery. Their work has been supported by a 2018 Wynn Newhouse Award, a 2019 residency at Eyebeam, 2020 grant from Art Matters Foundation, and a 2022 grant from The Canada Council for the Arts. Their work has been written about in Art in America, BOMB Magazine, The Believer, and the New York Times. They live and work in Brooklyn, NY.

Shannon's hand holding a needlepoint tissue box cover that looks like a bed. The cover includes colorful geometric designs that mimic a quilt, a yellow bed frame with shine marks that give the appearance of brass, and a tiny white pillow with lace ruffle. Images courtesy of the artist.

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