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Staff and Open Jobs


Megan Lykins Reich, Kohl Executive Director

Monica Butscha, Executive Assistant & Board Liaison 


Lauren Leving, Curator-at-large

Ray Juaire, Exhibitions Director

Jamie Sepich, Registrar



Amy Cronauer, Grants Stewardship Director

Hannah Ayers, Development Associate



Natalie Grave, Visitor Engagement Director

Joshua L. Hill, Director of Community Engagement & Partnerships

Kory Dakin, Media & Programs Production Manager

Bobbi Reagins, Community Engagement & Education Coordinator

Audrey Silvestro, ​Senior Engagement Guide

Clay Cerny, ​Engagement Guide

Luna Cowles, ​Engagement Guide

Deborah Elliott, ​Engagement Guide

Sa'Renn Floyd, ​Engagement Guide

Emily Goldman, ​Engagement Guide

Frank Hadzima, ​Engagement Guide

Jermal Jemison, ​Engagement Guide

Lenny Jeter,  ​Engagement Guide

Anna-Sung Park, ​Engagement Guide

Crystal Pryor, ​Engagement Guide

Cierra Santay, ​Engagement Guide

Thomas Smith, ​Engagement Guide

Tamara Gates Turner, ​Engagement Guide


Ryan Serafin, Director of Operations 

Daniel McKinnon, Security Coordinator

Arlester Tate-El, Senior Security Coordinator


Tom Poole, Creative Director

Antoinette Cartman-Gay, Digital Communications Manager

◼ Jul 16, 2021-Jan 9, 2022


Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

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