Deepak Sarma on Simon Evans

January 16, 2014 / 7:00pm

Free and open to all

Simon Evans meticulously assembles simple materials like paper scraps, scotch tape, pencil shavings, and white-out into lists, diagrams, maps, and flowcharts that obsessively catalogue the fragments of life. His text-based drawings, weavings, and embroideries share confessional, often humorous observations. This POINTS OF VIEW talk will explore collecting and cataloguing from a non-art perspective to provide a new reading of Evans’s work and practice. 

In this in-gallery talk, Simon Says "Nothing," Deepak Sarma will consider how Simon Evans's work uses language to go "beyond" language in a transcendent effort. Sarma, a professor of religious studies at Case Western Reserve University and Curatorial Consultant, Department of Asian Art at the Cleveland Museum of Art, will channel Evans’ intention to use, resist and demolish language through language. 
Deepak Sarma, a Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Case Western Reserve University, ( has published in Indian philosophy, Hindu studies, method and theory in the study of religion, and bioethics. He has pursued ethnographic work and has produced several documentaries on Hindu rituals and practices. He was a guest curator of Indian Kalighat Paintings, an exhibition at the Cleveland Museum of Art, which ran from May 1 until Sept. 18, 2011 and is currently a a curatorial consultant for the CMA’s Department of Asian Art.
Sarma's interest in Indian Philosophy first began when he was an undergraduate at Reed College ( in Portland Oregon. As he often says, "That's when the bus came by and I got on. That's when it all began..." His pursuits eventually led him to study the Madhva tradition of Vedanta at Reed and at the Divinity School at the University of Chicago ( and in India, at the Purnaprajna Samshodana Mandiram ( in Bangalore. During this journey he has written a column in the Indian Express, danced all night in Barcelona, broken his skull while rock climbing, ridden a camel in the Thar desert, gotten married to a lovely lady, visited Angkor Wat, won a teaching award at CWRU (, benched his body weight using free weights, and became the father of two beautiful children.
Though it is not clear how, Deepak functions on very little sleep.
Sarma is currently directing a South Asia Initiative at Case Western Reserve University in the hopes of drawing attention to South Asia and South Asian Studies (
Sarma in enjoying being a Huff Post Blogger ( among other things.