Open Studio: Visual Journaling with Morgan Bukovec and Audrey Silvestro

October 21, 2020 / 6:00pm6:45pm

Free, but registration required

This program will take place offsite at: 

Virtual program on ZOOM

Space is limited to 15 participants. Registration required. 

What is an Open Studio?

Open Studios are virtual art workshops for anyone at any level of artistic ability. This new digital program is focused on building connection and community through making and is led by two moCa hosts.

What is the focus of the Visual Journaling Open Studio?

As a small group, we will explore the practice of visual journaling in a shared and supportive space. In this session, we will dive deep into the element of line and the ways artists use line to convey emotions and feelings, while incorporating written journaling related to prompts. This Open Studio will run for 45 minutes.

What will you need?

Paper (one sketchbook or journal of any kind)

Various drawing materials in one color or shade (ex: black - pen, marker, sharpie, colored pencil, etc.)

This program will also take place on Wednesday, Oct. 7.

About the artists:

Morgan Bukovec

Morgan Bukovic

Morgan Bukovec is a mixed media maker, educator, and collector of things from Cleveland, Ohio. Having recently received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art and Art Education from the University of Dayton, her studio practice is interdisciplinary with a focus on the themes: identity, storytelling, fleeting moments and objects across time. Morgan is currently showing work in Cleveland at The Kaiser Gallery and Waterloo Arts Gallery, which are both scheduled to open October 9. Morgan works at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland as a Thoma Engagement Guide Apprentice, while creating narrative-based art work in her home studio and finding joy in storytelling, learning, and collecting ephemeral things. 

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Connect to Creativity

Audrey Silvestro

Audrey Silvestro Digital Art

Audrey Silvestro is a traditional and digital two dimensional artist from Cleveland, Ohio. Her artistic practice is self taught and integrative with a focus on themes, such as vintage aesthetic and illustrative realism. When not working on a main project, she also dabbles in the fields of tattoo design and photography. Audrey works at the Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland as a Thoma Engagement Guide Apprentice. When not creating art, you can find Audrey at a local antique shop, thrifting or flipping through vintage catalogs.
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