Loaded Concert Series: Form A Log

August 26, 2016 / 8:00pm10:00pm

Free + Open to All

August 26th is the last night of the LOADED series on MOCA’s loading dock, and it is time to dance, rock, and deconstruct modern culture.

  • Headliners Form A Log will melt the crowd with their astonishing ability to morph snippets of cassette tape sound into concrete dance music. 
  • Fake Species will light up the Uptown district with their infectious grooves, and energy.
  • And psych noise, rock-scene heavies Hiram-Maxim will supply addictive hooks, head nodding rhythms, and dark, spaced-out interludes.

This bill mirrors the range of Motherbaugh’s work veering from dance and synth-pop, to out and out guitar jams, while reflecting his philosophy of “devolution.”

NOTE: Admission to MOCA indoor exhibitions is discounted to $5 on Fridays 5-9PM.


Form A Log (PA/RI/TX): Form A Log is the trio of Noah Anthony (Profligate), Ren Schofield (Container), and Rick Weaver (formerly Dinner Music) who construct maniacal live collages from the playback of cassette tapes. The band manages to transmute musique concrète into tunes that make toes tap, compounding into a dynamic somewhere between ecstatic noise and surrealistic comedy. This trio cherry picks performance strategies and sound sources from disparate traditions (electro-acoustic improv, hip-hop, techno, plunderphonics, free jazz, and rock) and mash them into chimeric compositions that abandon all logic, opting to communicate in some looney primordial dialect beyond our understanding. This process manages to cohere an improbable array of vocal hysterics, carnival-core synthesis, and loping beats into discrete "songs" that squirm over the semblances of rhythmic grids. Form A Log channels the bizarre textures and juxtapositions of collage practice into live sketches charged with the energy and random chance of improvisation, merging along the way into a composite personality with barely discernible components.

Fake Species (Cleveland): Fake Species is an electro-acoustic pop outfit taking a new spin on “computer music” by exploring the augmentation of acoustic instruments and audio-visual synesthesia. Blurring the lines between what’s computer and human generated, the band playfully juxtaposes synthesized sounds with live band dynamics. The band sees their instruments as extensions of themselves, with advances in technology being an integral part of their continually evolving live set up. Members include Joanna Ericta (vocals), Zack Zukowski (drums/sampler), DJ Szucs (sampler/analog synth), Conner McCready (samplers/synth), and Pat Reardon (bass).

Hiram-Maxim (Cleveland): Hiram-Maxim is a dark, improvisational, psych-noise, doom-gaze band from with a unique hybrid sound representing the varying scenes each member arrived from (shoegaze, noise, improvisation, psych-rock, punk, and Americana). Their unsettling sets are heavy free-form, free-falling affairs, both spacious and improvisational, that wonderfully embody the belief that end of days is either immanent or, at the very least, imaginable. Hiram-Maxim’s culturally-relevant lyrics speak to Mark Mothersbaugh’s philosophy regarding the devolutionary aspects of modern society, and the band will pay further tribute to Mothersbaugh by covering a DEVO track and making it their own – an experiment in the deconstruction of sound.


LOADED is a creative sound music series incorporating experimental elements of performance art, avant rock, punk, and electronic music. Curated by Andrew Auten (Dandelion Moon), Lisa Miralia (Mysterious Black Box on WCSB Radio), and David Russell Stempowski (Polar Envy), this series brings together sound artists from our region and beyond to perform on MOCA's loading dock.

Sponsored by the Cleveland Foundation and University Hospitals.