Deep Listening with Ximena Alarcón

October 17, 2021 / 11:00am12:30pm

Free. Registration required.

This program will take place offsite at: 

Virtual on Zoom.

Experience the benefits that Axis Mundo exhibiting artist Pauline Oliveros' work offers through Deep Listening. Ximena Alarcón will facilitate this workshop inspired by the legacy left by the late Pauline Oliveros.

Deep Listening is a practice developed by Oliveros. IONE, and Heloise Gold, continue to facilitate its expansion and invite us to expand our awareness of sound and how it travels through time and space in near and distant places. Through sound meditations, body energy exercises, listening to the dream world, and incorporating the internet as a means of expanding our presence and sense of place, participants will practice ways of listening in a shared present.

Learners and listeners and invited to participate in this Deep Listening workshop via Zoom. Attendance is limited to 15 people, and advance registration is required.

This workshop is intended for participants ages 18 and up.

Automated captioning will be available via Zoom. To request additional accommodations including but not limited to image descriptions and language translation, please contact Lauren Leving at

This program is held in partnership with the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Know before you “go”:

Your Zoom instructions will arrive two days before the workshop.

Participation requires an internet connection, a computer screen (preferably not a cell phone), and headphones. Ideally, participants will be in a private, quiet, well-lit space. If desired, participants will have the opportunity to move around during the workshop and are encouraged to wear comfortable clothing.

As a part of the listening experience, we request that participants have their cameras on to build community.


Ximena Alarcón
About Ximena Alarcón

Ximena Alarcón (PhD) is a sound artist and researcher interested in listening to sonic migrations: in-between dreams, underground public transport, native and host lands. Alarcón is a certified Deep Listening tutor and has taught the practice in Colombia, India, Spain, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, and the UK, and online. She is a tutor in the online Deep Listening certification program offered by the Center for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Alarcón's work explores feelings of embodied emotional telepresence as relations emerge and people experience alternative forms of being together while resonating across dream-like experiences with/in time and space.

She is currently a resident at The Studio in Bath, UK. Alarcón is also in the process of developing the INTIMAL App©, the second stage of INTIMAL: Interfaces for Listening Relational, a telematic sound art research project that involves an "embodied" physical-virtual system for relational listening and an online co-creation space for women to listen to their migrations.