Cleveland Art Handler Olympics

February 16, 2019 / 6:00pm

Free & Open to All

Who will win Northeast Ohio’s first ever Art Handling Olympics? Art handlers from our region’s institutions will gather to compete for the coveted gold (measuring tape) medal in hilarious yet challenging events that highlight their unique skill sets and abilities. Responsible for the installation and care of artworks, art handlers have a crucial and often invisible role within museums. Olympic events will test their talents in the careful handling of delicate objects, precise measurements and exacting placement, physical strength and stamina, and the use of specialized tools and equipment. 
Most art handlers are also practicing artists. In recognition of their efforts and related work, moCa also will showcase their artworks in a small, two-week pop-up exhibition. 
Professional Art Handlers interested in competing and exhibiting should contact Eli Gfell, Exhibitions Project Manager, at