Carmen Winant: Object/Non-object

September 4, 2015 / 7:00pm

Free + open to all. Limited capacity.

This program will take place offsite at: 

Center for Ongoing Research & Projects (COR&P)
996B West 3rd Avenue
Columbus, OH 43212

MOCA Cleveland is going on the road for an evening of performance-events in collaboration with the Center for Ongoing Research & Projects (COR&P) in Columbus, and presented by Carmen Winant, a featured artist in How to Remain Human.

Winant is interested in the inquiries and motivations—often unacknowledged—that underpin artistic practice. This event will feature Winant along with several artists and thinkers selected by her, all of whom have hybridized practices that include writing, performance, and visual art. The participants will present a series of short performative presentations around the theme of “object/non-object,” in line with a year of related programming at COR&P.

COR&P is a non-profit organization dedicated to the systematic investigation and study of how research, broadly defined, informs art practices. It is run by Kris Paulsen and Ryland Wharton. Paulsen, Assistant Professor of History of Art and Film Studies at The Ohio State University, wrote a text on Winant for the How to Remain Human catalog. Wharton is an artist, curator, and designer. He collaborated with MOCA Cleveland to produce the visual identity and design for How to Remain Human.