Artists on Art: Marcus Brathwaite on Camel Collective

February 16, 2019 / 2:30pm

Free & Open to all

Artists on Art leverages the expertise of artists working right here in our region. Each month, a local artist will provide an in-gallery, original interpretation of one or more artworks on view in moCa’s exhibitions. Connecting with the works through affinities of material, process, or subject matter, each artist’s talk will broaden and deepen the meaning of the works and exhibitions.

This Artists on Art features Marcus Brathwaite, an artist who is formally trained in ceramics but whose multidisciplinary work takes shape across media. Brathwaite’s presentation is focused on the work of Camel Collective, which is currently in moCa’s Stair A. Through an experimental and performative program, Brathwaite will offer new ways to engage with sound art and the dynamics of moCa’s architecture. As an artist, Brathwaite has carefully cultivated and violently adapted a nuanced relationship to an identity as a black man in America. His work celebrates, complicates and evades traditional notions of race, by manipulating the viewer’s perception of what they are seeing, hearing, and ultimately understanding. He is the Fabrication Manager of think[box], a world-class and open access innovation center located on the campus Case Western Reserve University. At think[box] his mission is to make fabrication tools and knowledge open and accessible to the public.