Alexis Rockman: Opening Night Celebration

October 19, 2018 / 7:00pm10:00pm

Free and open to all

Dive into a provocative exploration of the Great Lakes as you've never seen them before. Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle, organized by the Grand Rapids Art Museum envisions the world’s largest fresh water repository as beautifully complex, and increasingly threatened, in an extensive multi-faceted exhibition bridging art and science. Rockman is an acclaimed painter and an environmental activist. His exquisite, mural-sized paintings depict unexpected relationships between the Lakes' native flora and fauna and the interlopers placing them at risk. Rockman's work investigates natural, evolutionary changes and the toll of human civilization that impacts the current condition of these critically important fresh water sources. The exhibition also features a collection of watercolors and field drawings, influenced by Rockman's own immersive research in the Great Lakes region. Rockman's works, both idyllic and foreboding, challenge us to deepen our own understanding of the Great Lakes and consider our role in their protection, or their demise.

7pm: ARTIST TALK w/ Alexis Rockman


Alexis Rockman: The Great Lakes Cycle is organized by the Grand Rapids Art Museum, with support generously provided by the Wege Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Frey Foundation, and LaFontsee Galleries and Framing.

Coordinated at moCa Cleveland by Megan Lykins Reich, Deputy Director.