15 Minutes of Amanda Wascovich

June 24, 2020 / 7:00pm7:15pm


This program will take place offsite at: 

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Rev things up with moCa every Wednesday with our new live series, 15 minutes of … Each week a local artist will create a work of art in only 15 minutes. We'll post an image of their efforts; then for a chance to make it your own, let us know what you love about the art in a comment to be entered into a raffle. We'll mail the art to the lucky winner once the museum reopens. And it's all FREE.

Amanda Wascovich was raised in Northfield, Ohio and currently lives in Lakewood, Ohio. She earned a BFA in Fine Arts & Crafts and minor in Graphic Design at Kent State University (2016). Since graduating, Amanda has managed a paint studio, taught hundreds of art classes, painted public art murals, and founded an online shop (www.artsoulshop.com) where her work is sold all over the world. 

Her passions are infused in her work as she intuitively combines abstract painting with healing gemstones to create crystal geode art. Amanda is an active member in the creative and spiritual communities by participating in art shows, festivals, and healing events throughout Northeast, Ohio.  She is inspired by natural elements like crystals and plays with patterns, textures, layering and holographic shines. Her goal is to help brighten the lives of others one paint stroke or shiny crystal at a time. Each piece has a special meaning and intention behind it! Her mantra is: "Create the life you want to attract!" Connect with Amanda's @TheArtSoulShop on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.