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Silver gelatin photograph

16 x 20 inches framed

Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell

Starting bid: $1,500

Estimated value: $3,000-$5,000

DoDo Jin Ming, a conceptual artist born in Beijing in 1955, finds inspiration in the chaos and majesty of nature, particularly the sea. Influenced by her upbringing during China's Cultural Revolution, she transitioned from teaching violin to photography in 1988. Jin Ming's images, captured along the coasts of Maine, Nova Scotia, and Hong Kong, resonate with literary and art historical echoes while evoking the raw, sublime power of the ocean. Using a technique reminiscent of Gustave LeGray, Jin Ming photographs surging water — sometimes at great personal risk — and then combines two negatives to intensify the imagery of her turbulent seascapes. In Free Element, Plate XII, this layering creates the impression of a boiling sea with steam rising from its surf.

DoDo Jin Ming

Free Element, Plate XII, 2001


DoDo Jin Ming

DoDo Jin Ming (born Beijing, 1955) came of age during the Cultural Revolution in China. She was for many years a professional concert violinist after training at the Royal Academy of Music (then the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts). Her first solo exhibition in the United States was at Laurence Miller Gallery, New York, in 1996. Jin Ming has exhibited widely in Europe, the US and the Far East including the National Museum of Beijing, and the Hong Kong Museum of Art. Her work is held in collections at the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts, the Smithsonian Museum of Art, and the Microsoft Art Collection, among others. She is celebrated for work that captures the chaos and power of nature in almost Abstract terms, photographing masses of sunflowers and lotuses dying, the pyramids and sand dunes of Egypt, and the turbulent ocean.

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