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Acrylic on paper

11 x 11 inches framed each (2 works in 1 lot)

Starting bid: $900

Estimated value: $1,500-$2,500

Amy Casey delves into the dynamic evolution of urban landscapes, drawing inspiration from everyday observations, cause and effect, and communal endeavors. Renowned for her depiction of towering cityscapes made of stacked and intertwined buildings, Casey’s earlier These works exemplify these whimsical characters, subtly embedded within her more recent cityscapes. Grounded in a fascination with life's resilience, Casey’s paintings celebrate perseverance amidst change, echoing her affection for the urban experience and its perpetual evolution.

Amy Casey, 

Natalies Apartment, East Village, 2000

New Kitchen 2, 2000

Acrylic on paper


Amy Casey

Amy Casey received her BFA in painting form the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1999.  She has exhibited her work regionally and nationally with solo shows in Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and group shows across the globe. Her work as been published in The New York TimesNew American PaintingsJuxtapoz, Hi Fructose, and Elephant and Harper's magazine. Casey has been awarded two Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Awards, the Cleveland Arts Prize as an emerging artist, and a grant though CPAC’s Creative Workforce Fellowship program. She works and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

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