moCa Cleveland

Our doors are closed, but our hearts remain open. 

In response to the ongoing international crisis, moCa is extending its closure until further notice.

At moCa Cleveland, our foundation has always been strengthened through our connections to our communities:

  • Northeast Ohioans, who enthusiastically welcome new ideas. 
  • Local and global artists, reflecting our world with diverse voices.
  • And our visitors, who recognize the need for challenging questions in challenging times.

For more than 50 years, you have shared your thoughts, feelings, and art with us. Whether they have clashed or converged, we keep learning from each other. 


During the current season, moCa has been asking the question “How do we mark our communities?” We have explored this through our current exhibitions and programs and have been blown away by your heartfelt, joyful, and brave responses. 


In the next few weeks, moCa will keep this conversation going online. We will be combing our archives, exploring new perspectives on current shows, coming together in virtual watch parties, and sharing what others are doing to mark our communities through art, care, humor, and hope. Take an art break with us and join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram. And let us how you are doing.  


We miss seeing you, but we hope to stay connected.