From guided-tours to teacher resources, moCa Cleveland's K-12 educational program is an essential supplement to your curriculum. Based on our art, exhibitions, and architecture, we create unique, developmentally-targeted educational offerings for kids from pre-K through college. The same content statements that shape your curriculum also inform our learning outcomes, Teacher Exhibition Guide lessons and prompts, and docent tour objectives.  In addition to customizing experiences to specific State Standards, we mirror the Enduring Understandings outlined in the 2012 Ohio Visual Art Standards in the following ways:
CRITICAL AND CREATIVE THINKING are core focuses of the moCa Cleveland's educational programs. Every tour is an inquiry-based conversation. Facilitated by moCa Cleveland education staff or docent, these dialogues help develop students’ observation, descriptive, and analytical abilities by asking them to share “what’s going on” in the art. Students use reasoning skills to find visual evidence for their reactions to the art on view, and then use this information to develop informed interpretations. Gallery and studio activities provide immediate and meaningful hands-on experiences for students to think through and experiment with the artistic methods, materials, and concepts discussed during tours.
AUTHENTIC APPLICATION AND COLLABORATION happens when students respond to today’s art. The docent-to-student ratio is strategically small to allow each member of the group to contribute and help construct an authentic, personally-derived response to the art. In our galleries, students work from real objects to reflect on, analyze, and synthesize the diverse topics that contemporary artists near and far consider important. Students work together on group tours to decipher and discuss diverse issues reflected in the artwork. Since the art is made by artists working now, the concepts are relevant and critical to today’s world.  
LITERACY, or mastery of multiple art disciplines, is enhanced by frequent touches with moCa Cleveland's exhibitions and architecture. Each time today’s art is used in conjunction with classroom instruction, students build additional competency in different subjects, artistic media, interpretive ability, and creativity. In addition to increasing these skills, regular engagement helps students learn about professional roles and potential career opportunities within the art museum field.  
PERSONAL CHOICE AND VISION is an essential part of learning in a museum setting. Visits to moCa Cleveland balance the more structured environment of the classroom with open-ended opportunities for students to express opinions through object-centered inquiry, to apply knowledge from across the disciplines to decode new art and innovative practices, and to fuel students’ own imagination and creativity.