WE ARE THE ARTSQUAD! MOCA Cleveland is a place where art lives. We work at MOCA Cleveland. We help put art in the galleries for you to see and learn about. The art we have at the Museum is new. Sometimes it doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen before! We want to understand the art at MOCA Cleveland. So, we work together to: LOOK. THINK. SHARE.  

LOOK is the first and the most important thing we can do with the art. We take time to see all parts of the artwork. Colors, shapes, and lines are some things to find. Next, we THINK about what we have seen. What might those colors, shapes, and lines mean? Last, we SHARE, or talk together about what everyone sees and thinks about the art. We do these steps again and again until we understand the art.

We help get the galleries ready for our exhibitions, which change every four months to show new artists and artworks. Because the art changes so much, we have lots of chances to work together to learn about new materials, processes, and ideas. When you visit, be sure to stop in ArtSquad Plays Workroom. Located on the third floor of the Museum, this room contains our CRATEtivity Stations, art carts that give you fun ways to learn about the art on view. There are books, games, and activities for you to do as well!
You can practice LOOK. THINK. SHARE. before visiting MOCA Cleveland. Here are some activities to do.
  1. Look around your house or neighborhood, find a new artwork that you’d like to learn about.
  2. Spend 2 minutes looking at every part of the artwork.
  3. Name all of the parts you find, like “Blue line, rocky side, lots of dots."
  4. Make a story about the artwork using those parts. Be sure to have a beginning, middle and end.
  5. Tell the story to a family member and ask them to make one, too. 
  6. Talk about how your stories are different.
  7. Do that again with the same artwork and see if you can find new things or make new stories.