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Honey Pierre

About the artist

Cassandra Hickey (b. 1993, Cleveland, OH), also known as Honey Pierre, is one of four children from Rhonda Harris. Cassandra has always been interactive in art activities but her real introduction to art was through fashion magazines, which gave her the urge to draw illustrations everyday. From there, Cassandra learned to express herself through art by learning to work with new mediums and techniques. She was encouraged by a local high school teacher, which grew her confidence.


Instead of attending college or an institute for the arts, she chose to join the United States Army. For the next three years, Cassandra’s life was dedicated to serving her country. Once the contract was up, she fed her urge to become an artist full time. Moving from Cleveland to Atlanta was a transition but it supported her journey towards more creative outlets. In two years, Cassandra has participated in over 40 art exhibitions and events and is a part of two community based non-profits. She is a mixed media artist whose practice includes murals, textiles, collage, and painting.


Artist statement

The women in our lives are given the often-thankless duty of caring for many people, both physically and emotionally, while maintaining a loving, nurturing spirit. It’s obvious to most that a woman will sacrifice her own aspirations in favor of supporting their loved ones. The women in my family– my aunts, grandmother, and mother–have all had an unmatched influence on my life path. They put me in a position to be myself and develop my natural inclination and passion for the arts. They believed I could do anything I aspired to, and this exhibition has been inspired by these very sacrifices.


I have created a series of carefully woven Fiber Portraits of each of these highly influential women in my life. Each piece is unique, with a wide spectrum of bright colors while sustaining a motherly warmth.


The most important aspect of this exhibit is that it exudes the love and care that has gone into the work. I’d like you to feel at home when experiencing these pieces as I have, the many times I have explored this museum. I am very excited for my art to reach more souls and hope each individual can find solace here in the same way I have.

Honey Pierre: 



Lewis Gallery


Mar 18-Apr 17, 2022

presented by

Museum of

Contemporary Art

11400 Euclid Ave

Cleveland, OH 44160

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