Everything All
At Once

Jeffry Chiplis, Dana Depew, Elizabeth Emery, and Jenniffer Omaitz

Liz Maugans, Guest Curator

August 24, 2013October 13, 2013

Everything All At Once features four Cleveland-based artists who make sense of the world through restructuring and assembling found materials. These common things—picked up, repainted, repaired, or completely transformed—navigate between the ordered space of the museum and the material jumble of the outside world.

Jeffry Chiplis scavenges fragments of commercial neon signage, which he breaks down and merges into playful new emblems and imagery. Dana Depew creates immersive sculptures with discarded building materials in a way that combines the categories of old/new, high/low, and destructive/redemptive. Jenniffer Omaitz builds layers of paper, cardboard and wood into dense accumulations refer to a shifting landscape dotted with landfills and condemned houses. Elizabeth Emery’s cast sculptures draw viewers’ attention to the negative space and surface textures of everyday items, creating new objects that are at once familiar and strange.

Each of the four artists engage with the emerging cultural and economic “upcycle” of Cleveland, drawing on a grass-roots movement that finds hope in the humorous reinventing of “everything all at once.”  Mining detritus from industry and human excess, they generate compelling and resilient new forms.