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Axis Mundo: Queer Networks in Chicano L.A.

Engagement Director

Department: Engagement

Status: Full-time, Exempt

moCa and its workforce

As the region’s only contemporary art museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art (moCa) leads the way in shaping and advancing contemporary culture. We are global and local, both cosmopolitan and Cleveland at our core. We are grounded in our community, and our visitors are cultural adventurers who we engage with us to explore ideas and nurture our humanity. Our work culture is passion-driven, inclusive, transparent, collaborative, and fun, and we value and support an enterprising staff that anticipates and reacts nimbly to change while embracing new opportunities and challenges. Success of the individual directly impacts success of the institution, so moCa holds every employee to a high standard of excellence with the expectation that everyone understands and participates in our institutional goals.

Job objective

The Engagement Director (ED) leads the development, execution, and evaluation of moCa’s audience engagement strategies and educational initiatives to help grow, steward, and sustain audiences. Based on moCa’s mission, strategic goals, and DEIA (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility) commitments, the ED executes this work using various approaches such as direct visitor support, in-person and digital public programs, community partnerships, on and offsite hands-on experiences, and interpretive content. The ED maintains a keen focus on building and deepening relationships with moCa’s Cleveland neighbors and communities through equitable, welcoming, accessible, creative, and authentic engagement approaches. The ED is directly responsible for intergenerational and community-focused learning initiatives and the staff/contractors required to execute them. The ED works across departments to articulate, align, deliver, and integrate moCa’s engagement strategies into a wide variety of onsite and offsite experiences and initiatives. 


The Engagement Director finds reward in company and conversation with people of all ages and backgrounds; brings express interest in and engagement with contemporary art and culture; has a curious disposition and a lifelong-learning perspective; continues to strengthen already-proficient relationship building and stewarding skills; and imbues all work with a DEIA focus and commitment. 

Duties & responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the Kohl Executive Director, Management Team, Curator(s), and Engagement Team to develop and implement audience engagement goals, strategies, and programs that inform, reflect, highlight, and draw from moCa’s exhibitions, residencies, and artist projects

  • Using industry-suitable methodologies and other relevant pedagogical tools, oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of DEIA-informed seasonal education & engagement strategies such as onsite, offsite, and digital programs; hands-on activities; audio/visual materials; space-based installations and interpretation; and collaborative initiatives for audiences of all ages and backgrounds 

  • Supervise engagement team members and volunteers, ensuring successful training and implementation of strategies across all visitor-focused exchanges, target audience programs, and activations in order to deliver exemplary service and support. 

  • Develop, cultivate, steward, and expand relationships and partnerships with community-based organizations and leaders to help support moCa’s mission, DEIA commitments, and on- and offsite engagement strategies 

  • Act as primary supervisor for moCa’s Education and Engagement Committee (EEC), a group of paid advisors who meet regularly to review and provide feedback on moCa’s programming and outreach strategies 

  • Determine and manage approaches to engaging schools and teachers through curricular-related approaches such as tours, materials, or offsite experiences, as appropriate.

  • Work cross-departmentally to develop content and logistical installation for the Practice Lab and other engagement-centered environments and help supervise the appearance and upkeep of these spaces each season.

  • Manage the fiscal year engagement budget

  • Maintain, organize, update, and store art and educational materials necessary to realize moCa’s learning programs.

  • Create and coordinate cross-departmental learning opportunities for staff and volunteers that advance industry knowledge and audience engagement strategies.

  • Write, edit, and update educational and engagement copy and program information for use by the Marketing and Communications team across various platforms

  • Collaborate with the Development department to identify and help secure funding, and to monitor and deliver related evaluation, especially through grants

  • Help to support moCa’s residencies through development of engagement programs, activities, and promotion


Four-year degree from an accredited institution required, preferably in education, art education, fine art, art history, design, or community development


  • 5+ years professional level, full-time experience in a museum, cultural, non-profit, or community-focused role

  • Demonstrated success developing, realizing, and evaluating art-focused public programs for youth and intergenerational audiences based on goals and thematic content

  • Demonstrated success managing staff members and volunteers who execute engagement-based activities with audiences of all ages

  • Demonstrated success managing budgets

  • Demonstrated experience working in partnership with community. organizations, public schools, and/or other culturally focused ebusinesses to execute shared goals


  • Exceptional organizational, public speaking, and communication skills

  • Experience creating and evaluating art-focused activities 

  • Proven knowledge of museum educational methodologies and practices and/or community development approaches

  • Proven skills collaborating with audiences of all ages and backgrounds

  • Experience with DEIA and social justice-based methodologies

  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Google products (gmail, etc)

Physical Demands

  • Employee may be required to be stationary for extended periods of time.

  • Employee will be required to move through the office and museum regularly.

  • Employee will be required to work in close proximity with audiences of all ages. 

  • Employee frequently will be required to actively listen and exchange information in-person, by phone, and computer.

  • Employee will be required to work weekend days and occasional evenings.

  • Employee will be required to travel regularly throughout Northeast Ohio.

Work Environment

  • Must have reliable, appropriate transportation and a current Driver’s license

  • Must be able to source, organize, access, and update art materials 

  • Must be vaccinated and boosted against COVID-19

  • Must be comfortable with working in an open office space, cubicle free

All moCa Staff are expected to be:

  • Lifelong learners who enjoy new challenges.

  • Inspired by and curious about contemporary art and culture.

  • Committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

  • Responsive and adaptive to continually changing content and needs.

  • Initiative-takers who are enterprising in their time and resource management. 

  • Respectful, collaborative, caring collaborators. 


  • 401(k)

  • Dental insurance

  • Flexible schedule

  • Health insurance

  • Paid time off


Reporting Relationship

Reports to the Kohl Executive Director

To apply

Send a resume and cover letter to:

Tonya D. McKissack, Director of Human Resources, Diversity, and Work Culture at tmckissack@mocacleveland.org.

Subject Line: Engagement Director

moCa’s DEIA Commitment Statement (December 2021)

moCa remains mission-focused on supporting artists and serving communities. moCa strives to be an affirming, learning, equitable organization where people of all backgrounds can collaborate in creating, interpreting, and advancing contemporary art. As a cornerstone of the cultural community, moCa will be a welcoming space of exchange, where artists, staff, supporters, and guests feel heard, respected, valued, and engaged. moCa will maintain an open, adaptive atmosphere that empowers those who have been historically marginalized. Our work will embody values including accountability, dialogue, experimentation, honesty, and care. Embracing change and centering creativity, moCa will reflect and uplift DEIA values in its program, policies, practices, and people. 

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