The artist collective dadpranks chose their name as a playful take on the internet phenomenon of parents pranking their children for YouTube “likes.” Their videos are the result of a collaborative process, where the artists come together for short periods of time, with bags full of goodies and a video camera. They focus on common household items and cheap consumer goods, isolated in colorful sets and used in strange ways to carry out bizarre activities. Combining humor and absurdity, these works shift the meaning of familiar objects and suggest new ways to look at and relate to them.

dadpranks (collective, founded Pittsburgh, PA, 2013) is Lauren Goshinski, Kate Hansen, Isla Hansen, Elina Malkin, Nina Sarnelle, and Laura A. Warman. The group makes use of evolving retail aesthetics in conjunction with mass produced objects to explore the relationship between consumer and technology, both on and offline. dadpranks has participated in group exhibitions at SPACE, Pittsburgh and SPACES gallery, Cleveland, OH (both 2015). Their work has been screened at H30, The Drift; VIA Festival; and the Three Rivers Arts Festival (all Pittsburgh, 2014), and a solo presentation of their work was held at Mote 078 Gallery, Columbus OH (2014). Their project sensory 3 was presented at Open Engagement, Pittsburgh 2015.