Cleveland Prints

In addition to his poetry and publishing, levy also produced prints and paintings.

Coffee with Dagmar

How to Remain Human Curator Rose Bouthillier + Curatorial Assistant Elena Harvey Collins recently sat down for coffee with Dagmar Walter, levy’s partner during the mid-1960’s one recent morning. Dagmar shared some of her memories of the city at that time and her life with levy. Both keen to leave their respective homes (she was living on Hampshire Road off of Coventry at the time, he had worn out his welcome in a friend’s home) they moved into an apartment in East Cleveland.

MEET d.a. levy

How to Remain Human (opening this Friday, June 12) is the second in a series of exhibitions by MOCA Cleveland focused on artists connected to our expanded region. The show is characterized by romance, humor and rage, full of artists who connect passionately and critically to the world in which they live.