Cara Benedetto (1979, Wausau, WI), lives and works in Pittsburgh. She works across performance, images, and writing. Her practice explores vulnerability, and the giving and taking away of power. Often, she will take up familiar languages and structures from such things as romance novels, fundraisers, or advertisements. These forms are then shifted, mutated, and destabilized. We asked all of the artists in How to Remain Human to respond to a simple questionnaire—Cara Benedetto’s answers are below:

What is your favorite material to work with? Why?

Cara Benedetto: Rage, it is my motor.

What is your favorite tool in the studio?

CB: Words.

Please name and describe a favorite place of yours in the region. It could be a place that has informed your practice, or your favorite restaurant.

CB: I work from the anti-femme vibe that radiates from the streets of post blue collar trauma Pittsburgh.

Talk briefly about a risk you took to become the artist you are today.

CB: I went into severe debt in order to attend an MFA program.

Please list up to 4 other artists, authors, or texts that have influenced your thinking.

CB:  Chris Kraus, Kathy Acker, Lee Lozano, Octavia Butler, Helene Cixous.

Please send a link to a YouTube video you’d like to share.

CB: Nina Simone singing Feelings at the Montreux Jazz festival, 1976:

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