Meet the artist: Michelangelo Lovelace

Name: Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. 

Where from: Born, raised schooled and continue to live and work in Cleveland.

What is your favorite material to work with? Why?
I am a painter, I love working with paint. It fulfills me like sex.

What is your favorite tool in the studio?
When I first begin painting I was around nineteen years old. Having a brush in my hand was like some great experience. With a brush in hand I often fantasize that I was a great artist creating a great master piece. My favorite studio tool is the brush.  My favorite regional place is

Favorite place in the region:
The Cleveland Museum of Art. I first visited the museum as an eighth grader on a school field trip.  What I remember is size, colors, and the difference styles. Going there help start my imagination, fantasy and dreams of being an artist. 

What risks have you taken to be an artist?
There have been lots of risk that I have taken for my art. The biggest risk was walking away from the street life, friend that continue to live the street life and family remembers who also continue in the street life. Many of the people around me had no interest in art and felt that I was wasting my life. So I walked away and moved over to the Hodge Artist Complex where I lived for 17 teen years.

Who has influenced your thinking as an artist?
The first artist to influence me was J.J. on the 1970s sitcom Good Times that I watched as a kid. J.J. wanted to be an artist from the ghetto—“The Picasso of the ghetto.” The second influence is a childhood friend who encouraged me to leave the street life and start back doing my art full time. Because he felt that I was good at it. The third artist is Reverend Albert Wagner. The reverend show me what being an artist is all about. The fourth artist is Omar Shaheed, a painter and sculpture, who lives in Columbus, OH. He taught me the business of art.

Recommended books:
WATER BOY: The Art and Life of Reverend Albert Lee Wagner, edited by Gene & Linda Kangas.
Creative Essence: Cleveland's Sense of Place, by Nina Freedlander Gibans.

Do you listen to music in the studio?
Yes! I listen to music in the studio, I listen to a lot of old school rap artists.  Three musicians I am into at the moment are:  2Pac, Notorious  B.I.G., and anything by Jay-Z.  

What are you excited for this summer?
I will be in a group exhibition at the new 2731 Prospect Gallery this fall. Beside that I will be enjoying the warm weather and enjoying the summer. I am excited about everything, excited about being human.



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