MEET THE ARTIST: Jimmy Kuehnle

Name: Jimmy Kuehnle

Born: Atlanta 1979

Lives and works: Cleveland, Ohio

What is your favorite material to work with? Why?
I like building funky bicycles because they are a blast to ride when you are finished.

What is your favorite tool in the studio?
Cardboard and hot glue.  Throw a sharpie or two in there as well.  Now we can make just about anything.

Favorite place in the region?
Of course the lake as well as the Cleveland Metroparks.

Talk briefly about a risk you took to become the artist you are today.
I kept showing up and trying new things even when previous attempts went completely wrong.


Other artists, authors, or texts that have influenced your thinking?
Jean Tinguely, Bruce Nauman, Le Corbusier, George Orwell plus tons of other rad things that I have seen over the years.


YouTube recommendation?
“… our landscape and … topography.” -

Everything we experience is meaningless and arbitrary. We would get nothing done if we focused on that undeniable fact all the time but it keeps us healthy when we peel back the curtain a bit to have a laugh. This candidate for mayor lifts the curtains and opens the window.



Music in the studio?
Yes, I listen to music and podcasts.  Everyone should listen to the Judge John Hodgeman podcast.  I am not a music aficionado but I like cheesy rock and pop from the 80’s as well as semi new stuff like MGMT, anything that has a “doo doo doo.”


What are you excited for this summer?
Traveling with my partner and enjoying the brief moment of time that one does not risk dying by staying outside in Cleveland.


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