Ben Hall





Lives and works: 

Detroit. Been here almost my whole life except for school.


What is your favorite material to work with? Why? 

People’s expectations and visuality.


What is your favorite tool in the studio? 

The no nonsense criticality of my friends and colleagues.


What is a favorite place of yours in the region?

I’m going international on this one, Point Pelee, in Windsor, Ontario. Especially in spring—amazing birdwatching.


Talk briefly about a risk you took to become the artist you are today.

The power is off in the studio as I type this, it never ends, constant concessions, but it’s better than every other job I’ve had.


Which other artists, authors, or texts that have influenced your thinking?

Adrian Piper

John Brown

Nancy Kienholz

Chelsea Manning

Fred Moten, In The Break 

Gene Sharp, The Methods of Nonviolent Action


What music plays in your studio? 



Nina Simone, particularly the song Baltimore.


Do you have any upcoming projects/exhibitions/eventsthat will transpire during the run of How to Remain Human

I’m running programming at Young World in Detroit and completely psyched to work with a lot of amazing artists including Claire Ashley, Jen Wang, Jeremy Couilliard, and Sandy Smith.


What are you excited for this summer? 

Swimming and barbecue, as if there’s anything else. 


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