How to Remain Human in Style

Hottest accessory in town! Check out our custom designed How to Remain Human tote bags, modelled by incredibly stylish visitors to the exhibition, Diana and Alex. Now available in the MOCA store along with our hot-off-the-presses How to Remain Human catalog.

Get your summer reading in with this riot of a catalog!

Both tote and book are yours for $19.68 ($25 regular price) through The MOCA Store online or in Uptown.

Authors include MOCA Cleveland curators Rose Bouthillier, Megan Lykins Reich, and Elena Harvey Collins, and guest writers:  Lynn Crawford, Owen Duffy, Ken Eppstein, Ed Fraga, Amy Fung, Michael B. Gillespie, David Lusenhop, Ebony L. Haynes, Indra Lācis, Fred Moten, Kris Paulsen, Terry Schwarz, Ingrid Swanberg, and Christina Vassallo.


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