Fights: Collaborative works by Nolan Simon & Dylan Spaysky at Night Club, Chicago August 2 – September 5, 2015

How to Remain Human artist Dylan Spaysky recently opened a new exhibition at Nightclub Chicago with collaborator Nolan Simon In the sweltering heat of Chicago in the summer, the artists have produced fans of various shapes, and sizes.  As this review on  states:

“Painted on these fold-out facsimiles are images of police violence and displacement, migrant travails and riot shields. All but one of the fans are displayed with only the front in view, and the only fan with a visible back declares one word: “NO.” This refusal—of another side, or of the viewer herself—mirrors the painted fronts in a tone of accusation. By locating state repression on handheld fans, the artists fan political flames and bring the war home through their artifacts of everyday construction.”

You can read the rest of this review here.

And, you can read more about Dylan Spaysky’s work in the How to Remain Human catalog, available as a free download on the MOCA website, or to purchase as a hard copy in the MOCA store.

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