Feed Her Hunger Grows Back

For her participation in How to Remain Human, artist Cara Benedetto produced a private event at the Museum, titled Prelude Her patron.

She says:

The event functioned as a How to Remain Human preview party for museum patrons with a soft S/m theme. I say soft because I won’t disservice the BDSM community with my hack portrayal or tourism into their world. But rather I refer to the recent offence and fascination in S/m culture produced by the film 50 Shades of Grey. In so doing I seek to draw a parallel to exploits in current academia, specific to the institution of MFA, where all art students are treated as masochists and contracts are unclear.

Here is the press release for this event:


Contact: Wax It
rsvp @ 216 658 6911 | saveme@MOCAcleveland.org
50 Shades of MFA available upon request

MOCA Cleveland Announces Prelude Her patron June 11, 2015 -- Her oldest desire en route

CLEVELAND (June 11, 2015) – The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland celebrates Her pain, acknowledges their involvement and wonders how we will get better.

“Bite the hand that feeds you,” she said, her mouth cuffed and shamed. As a result she couldn’t get a JOB:

“Contemporary academia is not the model of gifting feminism constructed. It is a model that maintains hierarchies via diplomacy. It, just as all professions that uphold The Institution in America, is based in Bored Phallic Class rhetoric. It upholds a system of violence against women and minorities (threats to capitalism).”

Prelude Her patron will enable eventings on the floor and in your hair. Bring a vacuum and all your lips. Don’t forget an apron, a tray and something or someone to hit. There is no such thing as mid-career. The title is for and in line with writer d.a. levy's "Suburban Monastery Death Poem" (1968). His voice is not lost, least of all on me and PLEASE.

“As we know love needs re-inventing,” Rimbaud adds.

We will aim and shoot and lose over until this paragraph launches and you open your mouth like a smile beside itself. Together we will stand up with students, artists, curators and critics alike, all supporters and of structure. We will hold the hand and polish an ass, we will feel all the way to subspace. We will take notes and get wet. We will worship Mom and slip into dark rooms. We will feel. We will bring value where we act. Our decisions on display. In addition to introductions the night will be provided by:

PLEASE by L’Amour Bleu

Bruised, fed, stuffed: Piggy did not consent by General Sisters

Commence A Dress by Melissa Ragona, Associate Professor of Visual Culture and Critical Theory

BART3ND3R by Paul Heyer

Dominant Dialogues by John Campbell

• Performances by MFA Candidates; Kevin Brophy, Daniel Pillis, Brittany De Nigris, and Zhiwan Cheung

Resignation Spank by Cammi Climaco

• A Dark Room for Our owned Rose Bouthillier and Elena Harvey Collins

• Mom Lube for our critics


Thanks to Tip Type in Pittsburgh too.


We are grateful in ecstasy beside the Artists of How to Remain Human:

Mary Ann Aitken (1960, Detroit, MI—2012, Brooklyn, NY); works in painting on canvas and newspaper

Derf Backderf (1959, Richfield, OH); lives and works in Cleveland, OH; works in graphic novels and comix

Cara Benedetto (1979, Wausau, WI); lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA; works in performance and prints

Christi Birchfield (1983, Cleveland); lives and works in Cleveland; works in sculpture and printmaking

dadpranks (Collective, founded Pittsburgh, 2013); works in video


-        Lauren Goshinski (1981, Pompton Plains, NJ), lives and works in Pittsburgh

-        Kate Hansen (1982, Pittsburgh) , lives and works in Pittsburgh

-        Isla Hansen (1987, Philadelphia, PA), lives and works in Pittsburgh

-        Elina Malkin (1982, Philadelphia, PA), lives and works in Pittsburgh

-        Nina Sarnelle (1985, Belchertown, MA), lives and works in Los Angeles, CA

-        Laura A. Warman (1989, Porland, OR), lives and works in Amherst, MA

Kevin Jerome Everson (1965, Mansfield, OH); lives and works in Charlottesville, VA; works in film and video

Ben Hall (1977, Detroit); lives and works in Detroit; works in sculpture and sound installation

Jae Jarrell (1935, Cleveland); lives and works in Cleveland; works in fashion design

Harris Johnson (1986, Columbus, OH); lives and works in Richmond, VA; works in painting and sculpture

Jimmy Kuehnle (1979, Atlanta, GA); lives and works in Cleveland; works in large-scale inflatable sculpture

d.a. levy (1942—1968, Cleveland); works in poetry and collage

Michelangelo Lovelace (1960, Cleveland); lives and works in Cleveland; works in painting

Dylan Spaysky (1981, Pontiac, MI); lives and works in Detroit; works in sculpture

Carmen Winant (1983, San Francisco, CA); lives and works in Columbus; works in large-scale collage


How to Remain Human is made possible with the generous support of those screaming from your lips and hands marked on Her body.


MOCA Cleveland · 11400 Euclid Avenue · Cleveland, OH 44106 · 216-421-8671

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