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This week on the Remain Human blog, we turn our attention to How to Remain Human artist Jae Jarrell.

In 1968, Jae Jarrell, her husband Wadsworth, and fellow artists Jeff Donaldson, Barbara Jones-Hogu, and Gerald Williams founded the collective AFRICOBRA (which stands for African Commune of Bad Relevant Artists). The group formed in response to a lack of positive representation of African and African American people in media and the arts. Their goal was to produce works that conveyed the pride, power, history, and energy of their communities. They worked to develop a uniquely black aesthetic, with bright “Cool-ade” colors and a lively sense of rhythm. As Jarrell stated in a recent interview with How to Remain Human curator Rose Bouthillier, “AFRICOBRA was interested in speaking to the people, and you feel you’re spoken to if you see your image.”

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