Brick Love

Bricks are a visual element that Michelangelo Lovelace Sr. returns to often in his paintings. He fell in love with the textures of the city as a child growing up in different housing projects in Cleveland—which were always brick. The colors of the bricks often reflect the mood and events in his paintings.

In Another Street Corner Memorial (2006), the bricks are painfully vivid and fleshy; in Blue Wall of Silence (2000) they are drenched with the same blue of the police officers uniforms. In Dancing In the Streets (2009), the bricks vibrate with different colors, buzzing with the same elation felt by the celebrating crowd. In all of Lovelace's work there is a sense that the bricks are bodies, and that the walls of the city are sentient.

Enjoy these images of Lovelace’s bricks!



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