Megan Lykins Reich: How did you approach designing the sculpture’s form? Are there any references that inspired its shapes and protrusions? How did the architecture influence your design choices? 

After his artist talk at the Happy Dog at Euclid Tavern last week, Jimmy Kuehnle activated one of his inflatable suits, Walking Fish (2009).

In this video, Jimmy Kuehnle, the artist behind Please, no smash (2015), a neon pink installation commissioned for MOCA Cleveland's atrium, speaks about his work, which he says is about

Name: Jimmy Kuehnle

Born: Atlanta 1979

Lives and works: Cleveland, Ohio

Name:  Christi Birchfield

Born:  1983, Cleveland

Lives and works: Cleveland

In the region:
I grew up on the west side of Cleveland.  I attended college at the Cleveland Institute of Art where I received by BFA in Printmaking.

What is it about rocks that makes them so compelling? We collect, sort, classify, prize, and imitate them. The pitted surface of Harris Johnson’s Rock (2014) is almost convincingly rock-esque. This sculptural imitation employs papier mache and modeling paste to convey heft and density.

Harris Johnson’s painting Black Hole (2015) addresses the bizarre scientific concept of the same name, a concept that is strange and fraught with existential paradox. Calling something a “hole” implies that it is an empty space; a void, a vacuum, an absence.

Harris Johnson’s American Ramble is a stream-of-consciousness text painting directly on the gallery wall. As you read it, a growing sense of anxiety takes over, a kind of tidal wave of boredom, violence, and hopelessness.

Meet How to Remain Human artist Harris Johnson. Throughout this week the Remain Human blog will continue to focus on this artist:

Born: 1986

Lives and works: Just relocated from Richmond, VA and to Brooklyn, NY

I really can’t get How to Remain Human artist Mary Ann Aitken's Self-Portrait (1983) out of my mind. The artist floats in a rough black field, a turbulent void. She wears her red painting robe, donned in the studio to protect her clothes from paint.