Ben Hall’s massive sculpture, The Drill (2015), includes a lot of mash-ups.

In this entry, excerpts from the How to Remain Human catalog are used to explore one of the artists in that exhibition,

In the introduction to Punk Rock and Trailer Parks by Derf Backderf, he suggests you listen to music while you read his graphic novel.

Buy the book (and read a preview) HERE while you listen/watch this YouTube playlist a fan created based on his list:

Name: Derf Backderf

Born: October 1959

How to Remain Human artist Dylan Spaysky recently opened a new exhibition at Nightclub Chicago with collaborator Nolan Simon In the sweltering heat of Chicago in the summer, t

Around many artists, any nearby materials are forever in peril of becoming part of a new artwork. Many bizarre substances can be sighted in contemporary works.

Dylan Spaysky is inspired by the pop-culture aesthetic of Disney, knickknacks found in suburban homes, children’s crafts, and thrift store dollar-bags.

Name: Dylan Spaysky
Born: Pontiac, MI
Lives and works: Hamtramck, MI
What is your favorite material to work with? Why?
Hot glue, because I love getting painful blisters on my fingers