BOUND: Art Book + Zine Fair (Saturday)

August 27, 2016 / 11:00am5:00pm

Art Book + Zine Fair is free + open to all. $5 admission for access to accompanying BOUND programs and MOCA exhibitions. Free for MOCA members.


Now in its second year, BOUND: Art Book + Zine Fair brings together the most creative zinesters, comic creators, photomakers, and independent publishers to share and sell their work. In addition, BOUND will include live music, DJ sets, workshops, and artist talks. 

Like Mark Mothersbaugh, whose work embodies an alternative legacy of underground and DIY culture, BOUND draws inspiration from Beat Generation writers (1950s-60s) whose radical, experimental work was rejected and ignore by mainstream literary magazines. With the help of the mimeograph (a predecessor of the copy machine), writers quickly and cheaply printed their work in magazines ("zines"). Early zines often included original or appropriated text and images and covered topics like poetry, politics, art, or autobiography. Surrounded by these influences while an art student at Kent State University, Mothersbaugh self-published My Struggle, Booji Boy in 1977, a 300-page, illustrated art book that was part zine, part Dadaist-surrealist memoir. Today, zines and artist books are a relevant and critical platform for experimental art forms and expressions. 


(curated by TR Ericsson)

As of August 15, 2016. Exhibitor list is subject to change.