LOADED: Eris Drew, Half an Animal + Kiernan Paradise

September 8, 2017 / 8:00pm

Free + open to all

LOADED is a music series incorporating experimental elements of performance art, avant rock, punk, and electronic music. Guest curated by R.A. Washington (Mourning A BLKstar, Guide to Kulchur Press), Haley Morris (Kiernan Paradise) and Lisa Miralia (Mysterious Black Box on WCSB Radio), this series brings together sound artists from our region and beyond to perform on MOCA's loading dock. This is music that deluges the senses. You don't wade in, you dive.

Kiernan Paradise is the solo experimental electronic project of Haley Morris of Pleasure Leftists the band and the radio show at WCSB 89.3 on Thursday mornings in Cleveland. Haley has sung and performed with Pleasure Leftists since 2010 and been making home recordings of Kiernan Paradise since 2011. She self-released her own cassette album “Loss” in 2012.

Eris Drew is a dj, song writer, keyboardist and vocalist from the Prairie State. Her pulsing live synth act is a personal trans femme travel log. Eris's vibe is heavy on what she calls "the Mother Beat." This primordial healing universal energy and mathematics is accessed in Eris's music through collective engagement with the energetic pulses found in early rock n' roll and various other spiritual/body musics from the 20th Century, including house music and techno. Her DJ sets are grounded in Chicago's provincial record mixing style—which Eris has spent over twenty years refining—but also incorporate ideas from Surrealism, chaos magic and Dischordianism.  Eris's live performances mixes these practices with live instrumentation and tradition songs.  Eris's original songs declare the body, connect nature with death, acknowledge transmisogyny and trauma, and conflate love with trains. Her live shows are uncanny combination of motoric pulses and 20th Century American songwriting.

Freaky-deaky glitter pop explosion Half an Animal turns the stage into a blanket fort for the craziest sleepover you’ve ever been to. A trio of buzzy bitter-sweet synthesizers, eruptive female vocals, and spazzmatic angular drums, Half an Animal blends performance art with music for dancing the night away with your friends.  Members Beth Lomske (keyboards), Alec Schumann (drums), and MC Uster (vocals) just released their first album entitled “How Can You Love What is Perfect” in April 2017. You can listen to it online at halfananimal.bandcamp.com. Let their sound take you to a psychedelic discotheque on a space cruise ship!

The LOADED Concert Series is sponsored by Medical Mutual of Ohio